As a victim of childhood bullying, my self-belief and self-confidence fell through the floor.  I overcame these issues first through dancing to Northern Soul music in my teens and then going on to become a Royal Marine, Elite Special Forces Soldier, a Counter Terrorist Expert and a Company Director that has trained thousands of people worldwide.  There have been many decisions made along the way. Making a difference is important.

A word from Jem …

“You realise that you are capable of more than you ever imagined. Making quick and confident decisions in stressful situations is hard but so too is committing to that decision, it is a skill that can be developed in everyone as can showing faith and belief in it and to follow through with determined, flexible, success centric action.”


Experience of rejection whilst growing up and being isolated for long periods of time from children of a similar age meant I was a shy and retiring little boy. When I entered the education system I was different to other children and an easy target, being subjected to prolonged and sustained bullying.  This left me with the feeling of worthlessness.


Instead of letting this define me, I learnt at an early age how to rebuild my self-belief through dance. My next move at the age of 16 might not be what you would have expected, I joined the Royal Marines and set about achieving my goal of becoming an Arctic Ski Commando. It took me 4 years of dedication and focus but I became a highly skilled operative and well prepared for the challenge ahead.


I felt it was now time to take my life and chosen career to the next level when I volunteered for one of the world’s ultimate, elite and secretive Special Forces Units. In 1981 at the age of just 21 I put myself through one of the most rigorous elimination processes in the military to earn highly respected selection into the Special Boat Service.

For the next 20 years I undertook numerous clandestine operations in active conflicts and training missions across the globe. I learnt to speak fluent Arabic and specialised in counter-terrorism, covert diving, artic and desert survival, explosives, weapons systems, paramedic, and close protection (bodyguard).


After leaving the military I took on the role of Head of Security for Prince Jefri of Brunei. This wealth of experience encouraged me to set up my own global risk and security company where I became the Senior Security Consultant to Lloyd’s Register, LRQA, Lloyd’s of London and Saudi Aramco.

I understands how vital Business Continuity is having worked with many clients to develop recovery strategies, establishing crisis and emergency procedures whilst identifying risk and contingency programmes. Over the past 10 years I has built, developed and inspired teams who have trained many thousands to address these areas internationally.