Happy World Speech Day!

   My passion in this world is how the trajectory of your life can be changed, simply by having a conversation with someone who listens to you, resonates with you, and inspires you.

Today is World Speech Day, and I am here to celebrate what it means to connect and to share in the fantastic ideas we all have. I believe that we all have something to offer this world, and when you think about it, many of the lessons we have learned have come from contribution and conversations. That’s why today is so important, and that’s why it matters when someone gives an impactful speech.

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Inspiring Tranmere Rovers Football Club

Inspiring Great Teams Means the World To Me!

I felt very honoured to be invited by Tranmere Rovers FC manager, Micky Mellon, to share my story of overcoming adversity to become ‘The Best You Can Be’.
Team Talk

My story is aimed to help others overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.  I was tasked to be inspirational and coach resillience to Tranmere’s First Team and Youth Academy players to help them on their journey into the Play-Off’s and to gain that much sought after promotion into League One.
Solar Training Camp
I arrived early at the club’s Solar Campus training ground, so I could see first hand, the players and support staff in action out on the training pitches.  It was important to get an idea of their tough training schedule and team spirit.  After a very nice spot of lunch with Manager Micky, where I gleaned some useful final updates it was down to business delivering my Keynote to the lads.
Overcoming Adversity to become
‘The Best You Can Be’!
We have a choice!  We can all become ‘The Best That We Can Be’.  This is often not an easy journey, especially, in football!  Unfortunately we do not win every time we put our boots on but all is not lost as long as we debrief, accept and learn.   Valuable lessons come from embracing our mistakes and resilience comes from learning to accept the tough times, pick ourselves up and try again.
Comparing Work Ethic and Values
I shared the similarities of being a soldier and being a footballer.  Everything you do in training, whether on the pitch, in the gym or working on strategy in a classroom culminates with ‘The Mission’.   In football ‘The Mission’ is to win the game within 90 minutes on the pitch.  That’s it!!   It comes down to focus, work, effort and determination.
Very similar the the values I began my military career with in The Royal Marine and on
to Special Forces:

Excellence – Integrity – Self-Discipline – Humility

Values are really important for developing that team spirit and the Esprit De Corps!

Just remember that we all have a choice and we can all become, ‘The Best That We Can Be’.

This is often not an easy journey, especially, in football!  We don’t always win everytime we get onto the pitch.  From the bad days, lessons are learnt.  Resilience is earnt from the hard lessons of life.


” Every minute of your training at Solar Campus, the strategy in the classroom and the pain in the gym is played out in 90 minutes of a game.  That is your battle field, your gladiator arena.  This is the time when you shine and come together as a team.  This is the time for focus”

Sometimes we may need to look at our values.  These are the values we have in Special Forces;

Integrity – Self-Discipline – Excellence – Humility

Testimonial from Tranmere’s Website:
Tranmere Rovers were lucky enough to spend a day with Ex Royal Marine and British Elite Special Forces Officer Jem Hills. 

Jem, during his time at The Campus, observed the first team train and spent time speaking to Micky and his coaching staff. He then delivered a talk to all the first team and youth team players covering important topics such as teamwork, focus, accountability & mental toughness and relating them to the experiences he has had serving our country. 

We would like to thank Jem for the time he spent with Tranmere Rovers


Since I have spoken to Tranmere Rovers Football Club they won their following next 3 games, moved up 5 places to become 5th in their league, League 2, are now in a great position to earn a place in the play-offs AND in with a real chance to achieve promotion into League 1
So how’s a team that you know, doing?
Be it a sports, professionals or a work related team.
Can I help them with a shot of inspiration and self belief, to be the best that they can be?
If so please ask them to get in touch for an informal chat about how best I can help.
Thank you!

Finishing 2019 Strong

RN&RM Widows Association

An inspiring day speaking at the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Widows Association AGM at Madingley Hall, Cambridge with my great friend and mentor Andy McMenemy.  We had the opportunity to spend quality time with some lovely ladies, a great privilege!


Spalding Round Table 

   My first “Black Tie” engagement saw me as the after dinner speaker at Spalding Round Table Charter Night.  Showing that, we can all overcome adversity to become, ‘The Best That We Can Be.”

Thanks to John Sinclair for the recommendation and to all the RT guys for a generous donation to

my charity SBSA.

Ex-Forces Businesses Networking Group XFBN 

   Thank you, Mike, Kathryn and Heide at XFBN. It is very important to me to be able to give back and help others from our great veteran community and this group brings like minded men and women from military backgrounds, together to promote and support each other in business. I appreciated the opportunity!

An Organisation That I Am Proud To Have Partnerned With

I was very proud to have been asked to speak on behalf of The Diana Awards Anti-Bullying Ambassador training program to six schools in Nottingham (6-16-year-old).   Having been bullied as a child, I am passionate about helping other children and adults avoid being bullied or at least having some simple tools that can help them to deal with bullying.  Bullying is something that not only starts in school, it unfortunately may continue into adulthood and far too many adults have suffered or suffer from bullying in the workplace.  It can not only lead to it destroying your self-belief and self-worth it destroys people’s will to live.
I thought it might be a little daunting intially to speak to over 100 children, but, it became a very rewarding day.  I opened in the morning with my story and then presented in the afternoon on ‘Leadership’.  I did mention in the morning that I would be around all day and that if anyone one would like to talk to me that my name is Jem and that I am very friendly, they can just tap me on the shoulder.  About half way through the day, I felt a little tap on my leg and when I turned around I saw a little 8 year old girl with her hand placed out to shake my hand, her words sent shivers down my spine when she said,
“I just want to say thank you for speaking to us today.  I found your talk very inspirational”. 
How cool was that for an 8 year old to come to up to me and say that.  This Anti-Bullying program is just superb and should be run in every school.  http://www.antibullyingpro.com
I am now passionate about helping others to find their own passion and follow their dreams, especially children who may be going through the difficulties that teenage years can present.  I think my story inspires others, to dare to dream again.    For me, it’s about dreaming to be what you want to be.  Once you have a dream you can create a plan and from that develop the emotional rocket fuel needed to achieve your dream and make it happen.
 This is the Diana Award’s Mission Statement: “We are the living legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better.” There is a reason why I partner with this organisation, to me, pouring into the youth of today is truly investing in our future, and I couldn’t be more proud to be involved with The Diana Trust and the Diana Award.

This Award was founded to celebrate the work done by young mentors and leaders in the fields of humanitarianism as well as selfless contributions towards society. I was bullied growing up, so it means a lot to know that organisations are looking out for the well-being of our youth. In many ways, we never know how far help goes.


What is an organisation that you are involved in or a cause you’re passionate about? Let me know by responding to this blog, because I am always looking for new, creative ways to partner with those who help. 


UK Anti-Bullying week 12-16 November 2018

Wow, what a fabulous place!  After seeing and experiencing Heltwate Special School with my own eyes I am in total awe of the teachers, teaching assistants and support staff for their hard work and dedication towards supporting their pupils who have moderate to severe learning difficulties.

I was invited to speak to the staff and pupils about my life’s journey in the hope it would inspire staff and pupils alike to face and overcome their own life challenges.

I started my story with being bullied as a small child and losing my self-confidence going on to gain self-belief as a teenager through dancing.  Northern Soul dancing to be exact and eventually on to join the Royal Marines as a young adult and to enjoy a 24-year career with both the Marines and the SBS.

Without question it’s one of the most rewarding talks I’ve given.  There were lots of “soldier” questions as you would expect but the last question took me back a little.  By communicating through his teacher one child said, he did not know what Northern Soul was and asked if I could show him?  Not something I was anticipating but how could I refuse and after all…Once a Northern Souler always a Northern Souler.  So with the promise of help from a few staff members we played some Northern Soul and showed the children a few moves.

When I played my clip from Wigan Casino, to my absolute joy and amazement, five of the staff started to dance and then the pupils followed suit.  It was a “pinch me” moment to see everyone up on their feet, all with smiles on their faces moving to the beat of a genre of music they have never even heard of before.  What a fabulous moment!

There were lots of high five’s as everyone left the room and it was me who was left feeling totally inspired and uplifted by the wonderful experience of sharing what I love.

Thank you Amanda and Sarah for your very kind invitation to speak at Heltwate.  I am sure that I gained so much more than I gave.

Never Let Them Steal Your Dreams

Many of you may have seen or heard, I am now following my passion of
helping people by becoming a public and keynote speaker, mentoring
individuals and businesses to success. Through the power of storytelling and
taking what I’ve learned through my experiences in the U.K. Special Forces and
translating it to victories in the market, I am able to help others remember and
take back their dreams. Here’s where much of my story began.
At an early age my career prospects were not looking good. From years of
bullying my self-belief and self-worth were at rock bottom.
I thought I might join the navy as I wanted to sail around the world. However I
took a change of direction when one day, in my geography class, my best
friend Paul showed me a poster. It was of the Royal Marines! One picture in
particular stood out amongst the rest. It showed a group of guys enjoying a
beer on a beach, and underneath it, it said “ In 1975 the marines took a

All I saw was these four guys and that they were a part of a team. I suddenly
wanted to be a part of THAT team, and I said to Paul, “how do I join?” His
response was, “You just go to the careers office and ask to sign up.” So I did!!

“So what do you want to do when you finish your basic training? There’s lots of
careers you can follow once you become a marine?” The recruitment guy said.
One thing I knew I could do well apart from Northern Soul dancing (and we’ll
get to that in a future email) was swimming.
“I’d like to do that.” I said, pointing to a picture of a diver “Oh join the Special
Boat Service?” He chuckled, knowing it’s the hardest training and selection
course in the U.K. Forces. He was looking at me, a small weedy teenager and his
evaluation was that there was no way I would ever achieve that goal. It’s really
important that when someone laughs at you and doubts you, that you don’t let
them steal your dreams.
I believe this was one of the moments that set me on course for an amazing
military career.
Welcome to my value series, a new blog that will be all about showcasing
some of my stories, as well as letting you know what I love to do, which is
motivate those through inspiration. I have been on many a journey of self-
discovery and I want you to be able to benefit from what I’ve learned from my
experiences. The story above sticks with me because I did achieve that goal,
and if I had let the world silence that voice inside I would never have known I

What’s “that something” you’ve been wanting to do, but have put it off? Let
me know by responding to this blog by emailing me at; jem@jemhills.com and you’ll be entered into a draw for a free ticket to one of my speaking events.