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A word from Jem …

“It’s important to have a clear vision of where you want to go and set your own far-reaching but achievable objectives, targets and goals, to continually push yourself in moving forward. The challenge exists for us all to succeed and to become “The Best That You Can Be”!

Reaching beyond, achieving more

The journey you take through life is shaped by the situations or circumstances you find yourself in – those experiences do not define you but how you respond to them will.

As a young child Jem experienced the feeling of isolation through family situations outside his control. He had limited social interactions with his peer group and was subsequently bullied at school. It was these early, formative years that impacted his thinking and led to a decision that changed the rest of his life.

By finding your why! You really can choose who you become.

Stepping out of the shadows

As soon as Jem was old enough he stepped out of the shadow of his early childhood to join the Royal Marines.

After four years as a highly skilled Arctic Warfare Specialist, he then volunteered and passed SBS selection and was recognised as one of the youngest ever members to pass selection into the Elite British Special Forces.

He served operationally for over 20 years within the Special Boat Service (SBS) in many areas of conflict around the world. Undertaking a number of specialist roles including counter-terrorism, before taking on the responsibility for training the next generation of elite “thinking” soldiers.

Thank you Jeremy for being an integral part of Teens Unite ‘Discover You’ event; a day dedicated to motivating young people diagnosed with cancer to still achieve their goals and aspirations in life. You have such an inspirational and engaging story to share and your time on stage captivated the attention of everyone in the room. You made the perfect motivational speaker, delivering your speech with such emotion, professionalism and enthusiasm and I know how beneficial your words were to the young people we support. Thank you.

Debbie PezzaniCEO and Founder, Teens Unite

I had the pleasure of watching Jem provide a motivational speech on his story and the importance of goal setting at ‘Discover You’ – a day held by Teens Unite Fighting Cancer for 12-24 year old’s with cancer and those in remission.
It was an incredible speech documenting his rise through his time in service and his falls which clearly resonated with those in attendance. 

Aman PalmerInvestment Partner at Lordale

Jem has a great story to tell. It makes you realise that anything is possible with focus and determination. He is engaging and entertaining and definitely has a unique approach to life. Jem spoke at a recent Masterclass that I organised and the feedback has been very good. I would definitely recommend him.

Kim PenneyGLG

I was privileged to be invited as a guest of a select group of successful business owners to sit in an audience to hear Jem Hills speak. As a speaker myself, and trusted by my clients to inspire, motivate and train their leadership and business teams, I was initially critical and curious as I have seen many speakers in the past who unfortunately left me wanting, they had great promotional material but delivered weak material poorly.

I was very pleasantly surprised. He held me and the rest of the audience in awe and on the edge of our seats as he shared a small part of the incredible story of his life experiences and shared with us valuable lessons, many of which have helped me reinforce my own messages. More importantly he left me desperately wanting him to share more with me; I didn’t want him to stop or his time on stage to end.                

Jem has a rare talent; he is one of the most grounded (pun intended) highly professional, fascinating, humble, warm, friendly and likeable individuals I have had the pleasure to meet.       

At the end of every year I take a bit of time to reflect, review and evaluate the connections I have made for the inspiration and impact I felt from them.

Jeremy Hills is the most inspirational person I had the honour to meet in 2016. I am unreservedly highly recommending him to my valued client base. They and their business teams are in for a real treat.” 

Andy McMenemyTrue Englishman of the year 2014, Extreme Endurance Athlete, Speaker